Vol 57, No 3 (2016)

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Control Systems and Automation

Dynamic Management of Electrical Power Distribution Networks PDF
Branimir Novoselnik, Martin Bolfek, Marin Bošković, Mato Baotić
PLL-based Rotor Flux Estimation Method for Sensorless Vector Controlled Squirrel-Cage Induction Generators PDF
Martina Kutija, Damir Sumina, Igor Čolović

Control of Power Electronics and Power Systems

FCS-MPC Control Strategy for a New Fault Tolerant Three-level Inverter PDF
Mao Lin, Ying-hui Li, Ning Li, Chen Wu, Jian-Bin Gao
New Gen Algorithm for Detecting Sag and Swell Voltages in Single Phase Inverter System PDF
Teekaraman Yuvaraja, Mani Gopinath
Power Quality in Railway Traction and Compensation by Combining Shunt Hybrid Filter and TCR PDF
Gunavardhini Navaneethakrishnan, Muthial Chandrasekaran
Robust Fuzzy Gains Scheduling of RST Controller for a WECS Based on a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator PDF
Doumi M'Hamed, Aissaoui Abdel Ghani, Abid Mohamed, TAHOUR Ahmed, Tahir Khalfallah
Investigation of High gain MIC power converter for multicrystal PV module employing fuzzy logic technique PDF
R. Pon Vengatesh, Edward Rajan

Control of Electrical Drives and Mechatronic Systems

Fault Tolerant Control Structure for Induction Motor Drive System PDF
Mateusz Dybkowski, Kamil Klimkowski
An Improved DTC for In-wheel BLDC motors in Micro All-electric Vehicles PDF
Huan Liu, Hui Zhang
Half step position sensorless control of a Linear Switched Reluctance Motor based on back EMF PDF
Kamel Ben Saad, Ahlem Mbarek
Hybrid Self Tuned Fuzzy PID controller for speed control of Brushless DC Motor PDF
A. Ramya, Imthiaz Ahamed, M. Balaji
Mathematical Modeling and Fuzzy Control of a Leveling and Erecting Mechanism PDF
Feng Jiangtao, Gao Qinhe, Huang Xianxiang, Guan Wenliang
H-infinity control design with feed-forward compensator for hysteresis compensation in piezoelectric actuators PDF
Irfan Ahmad, Akram Mohammed Abdurraqeeb
Descriptor Observer Based Fault Tolerant Tracking Control for Induction Motor Drive PDF
Habib ben Zina, Moez Allouche, Mansour Souissi, Mohamed Chaabane, Larbi Chrifi-Alaoui, Maha Bouattour
Efficient speed control of induction motor using RBF based model reference adaptive control method PDF
Erdal Kilic, Hasan Riza Ozcalik, Saban Yilmaz
Backstepping design for fault detection and FTC of an induction motor drives-based EVs PDF
Toufik Roubache, Souad Chaouch, Med Said Nait Said

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Observer-based Integral Sliding Mode Approach for Bilateral Teleoperation with Unknown Time Delay PDF
Nicolas Gonzalez, Oscar Salas-Peña, Jesus DeLeon-Morales, Sergio Rosales, Vicente Parra-Vega
Autonomous wheelchair navigation with real time obstacle detection using 3D sensor PDF PDF
Emna Baklouti, Nader Ben Amor, Mohamed Jallouli
On The Design of The Robust Neuro-Adaptive Controller for Cable-driven Parallel Robots PDF
Mojtaba Hadi Barhaghtalab, Hassan Bayani, Armin Parsaei, Houman Zarrabi, Ali Amiri

Electronics and Communications

Calculating Limits of Base Station Emission Power in GSM PDF
Rade Svraka, Dragan Mitic, Aleksandar Lebl, Zarko Markov
Conventional and sub-threshold operation regimes of CMOS digital circuits PDF
Branko Dokic, Aleksandar Pajkanovic
Spectral-Efficient Green Wireless Communications via Cognitive UWB Signal Model PDF
Farzad H. Panahi, Parvin Farhadi, Zhila H. Panahi

Measurements, Instrumentation and Sensing Systems

Multiple Kinect V2 Calibration PDF
Diana Margarita Córdova-Esparza, Juan R Terven, Hugo Jiménez-Hernández, Alberto Vázquez-Cervantes, Ana Marcela Herrera-Navarro, Alfonso Ramírez-Pedraza

Signal Processing and Computational Intelligence

Evidence Accumulation Clustering with Possibilitic Fuzzy C-Means base clustering approach to disease diagnosis PDF
Abdullah M. Iliyasu, Khaled Abuhasel, Chastine Fatichah
Property Oriented Relational-To-Graph Database Conversion PDF
Ognjen Orel, Slaven Zakošek, Mirta Baranović

Invited Commentaries

IFAC Newsletter PDF

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